Client Services

Client Services

Venture Dynamics has been in the skilled trade business since November 2000. We have strategically positioned ourselves to offer you the best of the best in the skilled trade industry. Our goal is to ensure customer’s receive an invaluable service that increases project productivity while decreasing the costs and time associated with hiring new personnel. Our dedicated and experienced staff has streamlined the hiring process. That means we can meet our customer’s labor demands more efficiently than any in-house Human Resources Department. All too often, companies are inundated with the hidden costs and burdens of hiring personnel to keep their project moving along smoothly. These are just some of the costs many companies won’t realize until a project has long been completed:

  • Advertising for qualified workers
  • Interviewing process to ensure quality of workers
  • Employer paid payroll taxes (FICA, State Unemployment, and Federal Unemployment)
  • Safety training personnel
  • Employer paid health insurance and benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance for employee negligence
  • Office staff wages to administer employee processing, payroll, and benefits

Our workforce services eases all of the hiring requirements and let’s you move on to the more important things affiliated with completing a project. Venture Dynamics’ staff complies with strict guidelines during the recruiting and training processes so our customers can be fully confident they are receiving superior tradesmen with full scope screening and training. Moreover, our customers can enjoy the ability to increase or decrease workforce on demand to correlate with their workload, saving additional money to bolster bottom lines. We also offer a direct hire option for customers that found a candidate they would like to hire directly. Our services should be considered by every business in need of skilled labor for new construction, maintenance or repair. It really is a money-saving opportunity that can’t be overlooked.

Contact us today for a more in-depth look at how Venture Dynamics can be a valuable extension to your business.

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